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VW Volks-Baggin Black Tote

VW Volks-Baggin Black Tote


  • $ 49.99

The VolksBaggin Seat Bag totes are about as fun as a tote can get ラ and green, too! ラ Although this one's black. Made from new, original material from the old VW bugs and Collection_Busses, this carry-all tote melds nostalgia and fashion for your care-free days. Spacous enough that you can cram your sunscreen, cell phone, and your favorite paperback, along with all your everyday items, into it when you take your VDub to the beach, these on-the-go totes are the perfect Vdub gift for your favorite VDub woman ラ and if you happen to be your favorite VDub girl ...

Measures: 9" w x 7.25" high with 5" gusset. 5.5" loop handles. Totes are made from 1966+ VW Beetle upholestery and headliners.

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